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About the Mentor Program

Alumni Registration Deadlines for 2014

  • Fall-Spring Session: October 24th, 2014

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The Yale SOM mentor program, developed in consultation with the Yale SOM Alumni Relations, Career Development Offices and the SOM Alumni Association, allows SOM students to tap into the unusual success and diversity of our alumni community, which differentiates SOM from other business schools. It is critically important for alumni from all sectors, industries, and fields of expertise to get involved to share their wisdom with students and the newly graduated class.

Fall-Spring Session

The fall-spring is launched in the fall and runs through to the end of the academic year in May. As students are on campus in New Haven during most of this time, it is expected most communication will be virtual, by email and phone. However, if/when possible students and mentors are encouraged to meet in person. Time commitment an alumnus is able to dedicate should be indicated for both sessions in the online database. An alumnus would not be expected to dedicate more than about 30 minutes per week to check in by phone, plus any extra help that the mentor may provide on his/her own initiative. Mentors will have the ability to explicitly state how much time they are willing to devote to the program.

Summer Session

After piloting a summer session with the Women in Management student club in 2012 and 2013, we are launching a summer session to provide alumni mentors for students on internships and members of the graduating class in the cities where they will be. As well as the usual mentoring advice, it is anticipated mentors and mentees will be able to meet up in person over the summer for coffee etc. and mentors will be able to add another layer of advice as established residents in the cities where their mentees are now located. Mentors should indicate the time they are able to commit, number of meetings etc in the database.

Women in Management

Having successfully piloted a summer session in a few cities with the Women in Management student club in 2012 and 2013 we are continuing to encourage alumnae to participate in the Women in Management summer program specifically to mentor female students. The Women in Management program runs concurrently during the summer session. Participants will be invited to Women in Management events organized in specific cities through the summer. If you are interested in mentoring any student, male or female, you should indicate TRUE in the Summer Session Drop-Down as well as TRUE in the Women in Management drop-down.

About Being A Mentor

  • Each mentor can work with a maximum of two students.
  • The primary role of the mentor is to act as a resource to the student: the mentor can provide advice and share job searching tips. Students select their Mentors based on preferred industry experience and especially during the Summer Session on location.
  • The primary benefit of this relationship is in the form of advice from a friendly, supportive person during what can be a stressful process, ie finding a career path and starting a new job in a new city; advice may include how the industry works, answers to "dumb" questions (e.g., about terminology), and guidance on how to approach the student's job search. A mentor acts as a trusted counsellor and guide who provides a risk -free learning environment in which to offer career guidance.
  • There is no expectation that the mentor will be able to directly assist in the student's job search by providing an introduction to the mentor's current or former employers or by networking on behalf of the student.
  • Due to the limited size of SOM's student body, not all mentors will be selected in a given session. Nonetheless, by keeping yourself in the mentorship database, you never know when a new student will stand to benefit greatly from your unique experience.
  • Please Note! Once you sign up, students will be able to select you in those sessions you opt into. As the summer session is new this year, please opt into the session by selecting "TRUE" if you would like to mentor a student over the summer. You can opt into all three options, two of the three, one of the three or if you wish to discontinue your participation you will need to login and opt out of the session(s) you no longer wish to participate in.

How It Works

  • Alumni register for the program on this website, students then review registration information provided by alumni and select mentors on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration deadlines are as follows:
    • Fall-Spring Session: October 24th, 2014
    • Women in Management: Ongoing
  • When a student selects a mentor, an automatic notification is sent to both the mentor and student. After that point the process goes off-line and it is the responsibility of the student to initiate contact to begin the mentoring process.

Getting Started

  • Alumni sign up here.
  • Students sign up here.
  • At the end of each session both the mentor and student will be asked to complete a brief survey to identify the benefits and lessons learned and determine appropriate follow-up actions.